"Movement never lies.

It is a barometer

telling the state of the soul's weather

to all who can read it."

Martha Graham

  • Monthly Exploration of Philosophical Concepts

    Starts Oct 16

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  • Five Moral Principles of Yoga

    Starts Oct 16

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  • Five Internal Observances of Yoga

    Starts Nov 20

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  • Five Causes of Suffering

    Starts Dec 18

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  • Meditative Movement & Deep Rest

    Starts Oct 6

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  • Meditative Movement & Deep Rest

    Starts Oct 6

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Weaving wisdom of the heart, breath, body, mind, and movement


"Jelena's energy, passion, and joy are contagious...as you look at Jelena, you immediately feel comfortable.

[She] is a fantastic guide and a leader, and I would recommend this session to all!"


"I felt so free, empowered, grounded, and really good about myself during Jelena's workshop.  I find it was very effective in such a short time."


"I finally understand what yoga is."​


"Jelena provided space for personal creativity as well as guided options so that everyone felt comfortable to experiment with embodied learning as they wished. [She] is a compassionate educator that meets people where they are to support them in gaining insight and transforming their experiences."


“This was a great opportunity as a beginner to explore the benefits of the abstract movement in a safe and supportive space.” 


" [Jelena] helped me decompress and taught me tools to guide me on my journey to mindfulness and connection to myself. [She] always prepared an abundance of teachings and information [and] was also flexible and accommodating.  Jelena offered manageable tips to make positive changes in my daily thoughts and behaviours." 


“Perfect balance of movement and meditation, a powerfully intimate experience.”


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